You’ll also improve the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite, arm jiggles, laugh lines, and chin waddles.

Food on a wooden charger
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Healthy aging for most people means fewer wrinkles. Thanks to modern technology there are surgeries, fillers, creams, serums, and spa treatments designed to revive our youthful glow. Here’s the thing though, your skin is never more than 4 weeks old. How can something so young develop wrinkles?

The secret lies…

The scale goes up and down and most of it means absolutely nothing.

chess piece wearing a gold crown
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When it comes to getting healthy most people are shortsighted in their definition of health. Everything is about weight loss or the size you wear. While we know there are a number of health conditions linked to excess belly fat, a person’s relationship with gravity doesn’t tell the full story.

There’s something missing that is the ultimate key to your success.

Success Go Get It Sign
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Do You Believe It’s Possible?

If you’ve tried countless diets without success there’s a chance you’ve given up hope. People adopt the belief there’s something wrong with them, they’re doomed because it runs in the family, and they simply inherited bad genes. The science of epigenetics shows us that we can turn our genes on…

After 2020 I figured ancient civilizations paid attention to the moon, planets, and stars so I wanted to see what I was missing.

red oak leaves with the moon behind the clouds
A Photo I Took Myself

I know the idea of paying attention to the moon, your birth chart, and current astrological patterns all sound like hokum. After 2020 I figured ancient civilizations paid attention to the moon, planets, and stars. Wondering what I was missing I thought I’d give it a try. Ya know, just…

Please stop with the tall sports questions. We don’t go around asking if you’re a gymnast, nor do we try to guess your height.

woman in pink making an uncertain face
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Most people assume I’m lucky for being tall but I fear they may suffer from the grass is always greener syndrome. I’ve been tall my entire life and I’m here to let you know it’s not the glamour fest the world has made you believe.

Did you know that if…

Sustainable Christmas Tips

All holiday traditions include a feast. Learn how you can make yours more environmentally friendly.

family at holiday dinner posing for a photo
Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

There exists a war among humans on what the best diet is in terms of sustainability. On a grand scale, one or two feasts aren’t likely going to contribute much to your global footprint. However, the choices you make at your holiday celebrations can continue the rest of the year.

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